Allergies in the eye are a very common and frustrating problem. Allergies occur when something you are allergic to irritates the mucous membrane covering the front of your eye. Like all other allergies, your body recognizes the allergens and overreacts by producing antibodies. These antibodies travel to the cells and release allergic reactions, which include: itching, swelling, watering, or pain.

In most instances, eye allergies are caused by seasonal ailments, such as pollen or mold spores. If you are allergic to dander or dust, you are susceptible to allergies year round. Allergies are not contagious nor do they permanently damage your vision. It is important though, to get your eyes checked, as allergic symptoms can overlap with other more serious diseases.

To manage and avoid ocular allergies, be conscious of and avoid exposure to your triggers. For instance, if the pollen count rises high enough, stay indoors to prevent a breakout. Or wear sunglasses to prevent particles from entering your eye. If indoor allergies affect you, lower the relative humidity of your home. Use a dehumidifier to remove the dampness from your home as well.

Southside Center for Sight offers prescription drops if you feel these symptoms affect you. Call us for consultation.



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