Glaucoma is a condition associated with pressure increases in the eyeball, causing damage to the optic nerve and gradual loss of sight.  The optic nerve is essential for sight, as it carries images from the retina to the brain.

This condition is very serious, as optic nerve damage and vision loss are irreversible. In most cases of glaucoma, the eye’s drainage system is unable to drain intraocular fluid, causing increased pressure. However, some people can develop glaucoma with normal eye pressures. Eventually, the pressure does enough damage to the optic nerve that vision loss occurs.

Glaucoma is asymptomatic early in the disease course so regular and thorough eye exams are essential for its detection.  Although early diagnosis and proper treatment can control glaucoma, there is no cure.

Treatment for glaucoma is aimed at lowering the intraocular pressure.  This can be done with topical drops, laser surgery, and invasive eye surgery.   Here at  Southside Center for Sight we offer laser treatment and surgery as well as medical management to lower pressure caused by glaucoma.  The laser surgery is done in office and we apply minimal laser energy to the drainage tissue, inciting a chemical and biological change that helps fluid escape, eventually resulting in lower pressure.  This can often alleviate the need for eye drops.


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