A cataract is a natural aging process in the lens of the eye.  As we age the lens becomes cloudy and then disrupts the way light enters the eye, causing blurred vision.  Common symptoms include glare at night, difficulty reading, and a gradual loss of clarity.  Cataracts are one of the most common causes of loss of vision in the United States.  Luckily, vision can easily be restored by removing the cataract and replacing it with a lens implant.

At Southside Center for Sight, Dr. Pesavento specializes in customizing the cataract surgery to your needs and expectations.  Dr. Pesavento has performed thousands of cataract surgeries and understands that every patient is an individual with different goals and demands on their vision.

The process begins with a thorough examination by Dr. Pesavento.  During the consultation, your lifestyle and desires for your vision will be discussed.  For most patients, cataract surgery will not only restore your vision, but also reduce your dependence on glasses and contacts.  Monofocal implants can be focused on distance or near depending on your preferences.  Even astigmatism can be corrected during the surgery with toric lens implants.  Dependence on reading glasses can be reduced with premium presbyopia correcting lens implants.  Dr. Pesavento has experience and is comfortable implanting the many different types of lenses. He will spend the time with you to select the surgical plan and lens implants that best meets your needs and desires.

The surgery is performed at a nearby ambulatory surgery center.  An anesthesiologist will be there to provide light sedation and monitor you throughout the procedure.  The combination of light sedation and topical anesthetics eliminates the need for invasive retrobulbar shots of anesthetic many eye surgeons use and makes the procedure relatively painless.  The actual surgery takes about ten minutes and vision usually recovers within a few days.  You will be seen in the office by Dr. Pesavento for your postoperative examinations to ensure the eye is healing well.

If you feel cataracts are affecting your vision, call to schedule your consultation with Dr. Pesavento and get on the way to better vision!


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